NSK 2022

On the 15th and 16th of October 2022 we organized the national student championships for powerlifting. A total of two hundred athletes showed up and many more visitors came to watch the spectacle. This was more than twice the amount of lifters we had the previous time we were allowed to host this competition in 2019! Despite this massive growth, the event ran relatively smoothly without accidents or major problems, just minor ones …

Thanks to all the volunteers for helping out! Thanks to NKV Atlas and TSKV Spartacus, fitnessclub Delft, and Max Wouters for allowing us to borrow your equipment! Thanks to all the officials, judges, photographers, and videographer! Thanks to the KNKF for providing the competition equipment, technical equipment, even part of the warmup equipment, and setting it all up and packing it in again! Without all the help and equipment from the many different people and parties we would not have been able to host this event. Thanks to AFAS software and the powerlifting shop for sponsoring the event!

It was an amazing event, thank you so much for coming and lifting your proverbial asses off!

Some words from people attending:
“Lots of love towards the whole organisation and fellow lifters!!
It was a great experience and I found more love towards powerlifting then ever before! Next competition, here we go!”

“It was a great competition, good job everyone!”
“Thanks so much organisation, spotters, loaders, volunteers, fellow lifters, everyone”

The event would not be possible without the help of our lovely team of volunteers (not all included in the picture unfortunately)

An Impression of our members lifting on Sunday

The full size and full batch of pictures can be accessed/downloaded through this link:


Spectacle of Sunday: Coens 325kg deadlift

Coen deadlifting 325kg