The gym

DSKV IJzersterk works out at the Sports and Culture building of TU Delft. There are two places, one being the general fitness department and the other one being the Vereniging Kracht Ruimte (Association Strength Room). As the name says, the VRK can only be used by associations, it also the only place where we can train as IJzersterk. Currently, there are seven time slots in the week available for IJzersterk members to train in the VKR. The VKR is especially ideal to perform dynamic movements such as the clean & jerk and snatch.

TU Delft Gym

On the ground floor of the gym there are different types of weight- and exercise machines. For the exercise machines: there are bicycles, cross trainers, stairmaster and rowing machings.

The first floor exists solely of power equipment, below you can find a list of all the materials which are present. On the balcony on the first floor, there is room for stretching and ab exercises.

There are no bumperplates.

The following are present:


The following items are present: