Current board

Ruud Kassing: President

Strength sports have been a big part of my life: my grandpa got me excited with some small dumbells and ab exercises when I was 13. The moment I turned 16 I went to the gym and I've been hooked ever since. After a few years of mostly fitness training I started to focus on powerlifting in September 2014, at age 21. The powerlifting competitions were very friendly, open and motivating, something I missed in my everyday individual training at the gym. Powerlifting gave me the motivation to start IJzersterk in 2014: with the goal to train, compete and have fun together and transform this individual sport into a more social one. I think we certainly achieved that, as we now have over 40 active members who compete both Nationally and Internationally and also organize our own strength events.

Fabbio Hu: Secretary

I joined IJzersterk in 2015 when I accidentally encountered them in the VKR. My plan for that day was to lift as much weight as possible on the sumo deadlift. They helped me out tremendously, embraced me and aspired me to compete in powerlifting. Nowadays it is difficult to ignore the presence of IJzersterk in the gym, it has grown into an active association full of motivated and passionate lifters. I am currently trying to learn from the expertise of namely Joey and Ruud, to become as knowledgeable, as strong and as helpful as I can be. As of 2016, I was asked to help and support IJzersterk, to bring it to the next level. With dedication and passion I will, the same way IJzersterk has brought me to the next step in my life.

Ella van der Veer: Treasurer

Growing up, I was never a very sporty kid but when I first stepped into a gym at age 16 and touched a barbell that completely changed. Between then and now, I have explored many sides of the fitness industry starting with endurance and ending up with focusing on strength sports. Since I joined IJzersterk right at the beginning, I have not only been learning a lot about lifting techniques but I also found a group of people with the same interest in strength sports. This aspect of the association turns the individual sport into a team in which there is always someone that can help you to achieve your own goals. By becoming a board member, I hope to build a solid foundation for this young association to assure this experience to our future members.

Joey Ma: Competition Commissioner

I have been lifting for a long time now. Yet, my passion for powerlifting started very recently. It was last year September. Early in the morning of a Sunday, when I stepped onto the platform for the very first time. It was crowded and I knew almost nobody. I was unbelievably nervous in the moments before my first squat attempt. And the fact that the weight flew up was not even what surprised me most. But it was the encouragement and excitement of the crowd ánd fellow lifters that struck me. It was then that I realized I found the sport that truly fits me.

Ever since that first meet I have fully dedicated my training to powerlifting and participated in many competitions. IJzersterk has played an integral role during this time and ultimately inspired, supported and shaped me. I want to share my enthusiasm for the sport with you by coaching and helping you become the best athlete possible!