Board 2015-2016

Peter Evers: President

Hello Hello,
My name is Peter and I have joined the IJzersterk board this year. I used to be a rower but since 2014 I’m dedicated to POMPEN and next year I’ll be competing in Powerlift competitions. In about one year I’ll finish my master thesis in Computer Science to become a jacked nerd. I hope to inspire some people to become jacked and tanned and compete with me in the 120kg class!

Ruud Kassing: Secretary

Hey! I’ve been competing in powerlifting since September 2014 and have been going to the gym since I turned 17. My favorite exercise is the one that I get the most progress on, currently that is the squat. I’ve been helping a lot of people with compound exercises since 2013. I’m also the nutrition and training coach for the drivers of the DUT15 and DUT16 (Formula Student Team Delft).

Pouja Nikray: Treasurer

Chicken and deadlifts, probably the two things I enjoy the most. Started lifting in 2013 and doing competitions since 2014 in the -74kg class. Current records: 170/115/210, will definitely smash those records at the SAP Cup powerlifting competition this year!

Joey Ma: board member

I was young and foolish when I started going to the gym for fitness and later bodybuilding. It took me some years and several injuries to realize that strength is true manliness. Since then I’ve converted to the dark side of lifting (aka powerlifting). In September of 2015 I competed for the first time and now I’m ready to raise the bar for the junior raw -83KG on the Nationals in December!

Auke Piers: board member

Hi I’m Auke, addicted to iron since around 2012. Lifting is a nice part of my life, and I try to combine it with all the other beautifull things life has to offer. Because I was always able to deadlift high numbers, I was always motivated to push it further in training. This is also why the deadlift is my favorite movement.

Wander van der Wal: Competition Commissioner

Always more weight, that’s the motto, unfortunately injuries come with that. But training is going strong and I will soon demolish my PR’s of 170/130/220. Of which Bench Press is my favourite exercise. I’ve been lifting since 2013. In the coming years my goal is to break Ruud’s junior national record on the bench press.